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Revolutionary True-to-LIfe Scanning... The Scanera scans 3D objects and produces ultra-high resolution, lifelike images at large poster-size output.

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Jan 2011
Scanera Showroom
Visit our showroom in Chicago.
Scan a test sample.

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Scanera Scanners

Revolutionary True-to-Life Scanning. The Scanera™ is available in a range of styles and models to meet varying requirements.

Top Face Scanera Models
Top face scanners feature adjustable trays for scanning objects of different height. Tray sizes range from 23” x 33” (A1) to 16” x 23” (A3). Click for more information on Scanera Top Face PRO ≫

TopFace ScaneraTopFace PRO Scanera Scanera TopFace PRO

Museum Scanners

Top face scanners for large objects such as paintings as large as 6’6” x 6’6”.

Museum ScaneraMuseum Scanera

Set Scanera
Low cost 16" x 23" (A3) scanner designed for portability.

set scanera

Flatbed Scanera Models
Scanners with trays ranging from 23” x 33” (A1) to 16” x 23” (A3).


Roll Scanera
Scanera model to scan and inspect cylindrical objects such as tree logs, tires, bottles and more.


Document Scanera
Scans 11”x17” and letter sized documents in quantities of up to 100 sheets.


Chrome Cylinder Vision Scanera
Inspect chrome cylinders for defects and scratches and automatically marks any defects.

imgChrome Scanner

Card Scanera
High quality, fast and accurate card scanner for security checkpoints.


Scanera MIDnano Scope 3
25,400dpi with Z-axis auto scan and 250X (100dpi display equivalent) real time digital zoom used for laboratory sample and slide preparation and analysis.


Scanera Cube II
Multiangle scanner for 3 dimentional objects of max. size 20" x 20" x 20".