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Revolutionary True-to-LIfe Scanning... The Scanera scans 3D objects and produces ultra-high resolution, lifelike images at large poster-size output.

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Jan 2011
Scanera Showroom
Visit our showroom in Chicago.
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Scanera TopFace PRO Scanner

Scan Large Format 3D Objects - Produce Ultra-High Resolution Images.

Revolutionary Intelligence Image Enhancement "LSI" provides unprecendented realism in scanning. Our unique variable light source brings out shadows and highlights to enhance quality.

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Name Scanera™ TopFace PRO
Model SCANERA-UA140-2
Maximum Scanning Size 600mm x 850mm (23.6" x 33.5"), 20kg/44lbs.
Optical Resolution 400 dpi
Scan Depth 10 cm (3.9")
Pixels 130 Million (when scanning A1 Size)
Output Resolution 100-800 dpi (adjustable by 1 dpi steps)
Output Color: RGB 8 bit each (24 bit full color)
Halftoning (error diffusion method / 3 types of dither methods)
Gradiation: Gray scale 8 bit
Binarization (monochromatic binarization / auto-binarization)
Output Format TIFF, JPEG, BMP
Interface USB 2.0
Scan Speed 21 mm/sec (400 dpi under monochrome/color speed mode)
Dimensions 53.5" (W) x 38.5" (D) x 48.5" (H)
Weight 350 kg (771 lbs)
Power Supply AV 100-120V (single phase) 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 280 W or less

Image Processing
Color Processing 4 enhancement effects (strong, middle, weak, gradient)
allows improved scanning obscure originals
Gamma Correction From 16 settings (light-dark: thin-thick) choose an appropriate
correction curve for high or low contrast originals
Image Processing Modes [Color Mode]
[Grayscale Mode]
[Error Diffusion Mode]
Suitable for large format photographs, oil paintings,
photographs, mixed characters, large manuscripts
[Monochromatic Binarization Mode]
For manuscripts with letters, dots and lines such as newspapers.
Threshold levels are auto-adjusted from 256 levels based on
manuscript darkness
[Auto-Binarization Mode]
Dynamic threshold binarization processing makes this mode suitable
for thick manuscripts and blueprints
Scan Mode Select between quality or Speed Modes allowing quality
scanning as needed