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Revolutionary True-to-LIfe Scanning... The Scanera scans 3D objects and produces ultra-high resolution, lifelike images at large poster-size output.

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Jan 2011
Scanera Showroom
Visit our showroom in Chicago.
Scan a test sample.

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How the Scanera™ Works

The Scanera requires connection to a computer and installation of “Scanera Eyes” software (included with Scanera).

1. Pull out tray table. Tray has grid lines indicating where to place item. No tape or securing necessary.
2. Push tray back inside.
3. Use software to adjust color processing mode (4 modes: strong, middle, weak, gradient) and gamma settings (choose from 16 settings).
4. Start scanning. Scanera will first provide a preview scan
5. View test scan, make adjustments as necessary
6. Perform final scan at full resolution (~2 min to scan poster-size image)


The Technology behind the Quality

Revolutionary Intelligence Image Enhancement “LSI” provides unprecedented realism in scanning.
Our unique variable light source brings out shadows and highlights to enhance quality.

By scanning objects from an angle, the Scanera captures detail and topographic elements lost by flat bed scanners.
The Scanera contains several special fluorescent lights, the angle of which are adjusted throughout the scan to capture 3D features of the scanned object.
The scanner uses a proprietary video circuit to interpret this data and create a realistic replication.

The level of detail is possible through a 130 million pixel scan resolution when scanning at the maximum size (23”x33”)

High Speed Viewing/Editing Software (Bundled)

· Image enlargement of up 250X (display equivalent to 100 dpi)
· Real time digital zoom of 1% - 3,200%